1984 Initial visit by Des Garvey to assess site conditions in Sierra Leone.

All Sub-saharan countries suffering from drought.

1985 Promoted the needy cause at churches, schools, businesses etc.

1986 Pioneer meetings at St. John the Divine Anglican Church.

1987 Lobbied politicians, CIDA, FCM, DFAIT, etc for support.

1988 Obtained letters of support from government representatives, community associations, churches and local dignitaries including Nepean Chamber of Commerce.

Travel to the United Nations General Assembly to meet President Joseph Momoh and his Secretary of State for Southern Province, Hon. Robert Sam Kpakra.

1988 Obtained City of Nepean resolution to approve the Official linkage of Nepean and Bo.

1990 Three Nepean representatives traveled to Zimbabwe to be debriefed by CIDA on the Africa 2000 Program.

1992-1994 Presented Multicultural Events at Nepean Centrepointe in cooperation with CIDA International Development Week Celebrations.

1995 Co-chaired a United Nations 50th Anniversary Celebration with the Royal Canadian Legion at Nepean Centrepointe Theatre.

1997 Hosted the original Solidarity Meeting in Ottawa of Canadian Friends of Sierra Leone from Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa in Barrhaven, Nepean.

1998 Traveled to Sierra Leone as a member of the Sierra Leone Working Group to assess the situation.

1999 Coordinated 2 Workshops on Peace Building, Conflict Resolution and Capacity Strengthening.

2000 Helped Peace Fund develop a proposal to CIDA for micro project funding.

2000-01 Contacted by Archbishop Ganda to assist with program for war affected children in Bo. Helped organize a Plant Sale as fundraising event for Bo Children's Home.

2001 Published a MacLeans article on the Nepean Stars Soccer Team (Canada's Team).

2002 Hosted 3 refugees for an extended period until legal immigration established.

2002-04 Continued program of fundraising for the Bo Children's Home and the Nepean Stars Soccer Team.

Ongoing presentations to news media, McGill and Toronto Universities, Canadian Government Departments.

Since Nepean Outreach to the World was created in 1985 as a group of concerned citizens that wanted to do something about the huge gap between the have-nots and the haves of this world, the organization has achieved significant results.

Now has been successful in twinning our community with a community in a developing country with the objective of expressing solidarity between our peoples.

We hope that with this humble start we can learn to solve the problems that plague our world.

Over the period of the official linkage NOW has been instrumental in delivering approximately $1.5 million dollars in materials and professional expertise to our twin city, Bo.

Approximately 30 exchanges have taken place involving Canadian and Sierra Leonean participants.

A "Canadian Soccer Team" , the Nepean Stars are currently active in the field of athletics.

Many people have contributed to the funding and implementation of programs in Sierra Leone.
NOW is proud to be a player in making our "Global Village" a peaceful place in which to live.

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