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The children of the West African city of Bo, Sierra Leone are victims of an 11 year civil war. Unlike the children of Canada, these children have never known what it means to feel safe. Instead, they have witnessed the results of civil war, experienced horrible atrocities, seen the deaths of their parents and have been left orphaned.

The recent ending of civil war provides us with an opportunity to help create a better future for the children of Bo – a future where they have access to family love, education, health care and an overall improved quality of life.

In past years, Nepean Outreach to the World (NOW) has focused attention on projects that will improve the lives of orphaned children. In collaboration with St. Mary’s Children’s home, NOW and St. Mary’s caregivers are working to provide these children a safe place -- a fundamental, basic right of all children.
Recent Projects

The development of a Learning Resource Centre represents a vital step towards sustainability for the children of Sierra Leone. The skills they develop at St. Mary's LRC will permit them to flourish and become citizens of the global village. When completed, the Learning Resource Centre will provide the children with:

  • A facility dedicated to self-learning
  • Books and teaching materials
  • Computers, software and other technology aids

Future Projects

Future NOW initiatives, such as building a clinic, will focus on projects that improve health outcomes and employment opportunities.

Nepean Outreach to the World (NOW) is a non-profit, Nepean (Ontario, Canada) community organization engaged in building a culture of peace. Nepean has been officially linked with Bo, a town in Sierra Leone, since 1990. NOW members and Nepean municipal personnel have participated in 10 excursions to Sierra Leone since the linkage began to deliver aid and assistance in various areas.

This humanitarian assistance program has been funded in part by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and Partnership Africa Canada (PAC).

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